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With so many elementary education choices in Phoenix, why choose a private elementary school? While public schools are free, they are often overcrowded and follow one-size-fits-all lessons that can bore advanced students and frustrate others. Charter schools often have less experienced teachers and may not last through your child's elementary years.

At Our House Montessori School, we believe that children should be exposed to more than what standard public education offers. In our private elementary school, we treat each child as an individual with different learning needs and speeds.

We have offered quality private elementary education for
20 years, with mostly the same staff through it all. For us, teaching is not just a job, it is what we love to do. Our 6-10 year olds will be joined by teacher Salli McCartin. Salli has taught 6-12 year olds at Villa Montessori for the past fifteen years. She has her Bachelor of Science in Arts Management from Northern Arizona University and Montessori Certification from South Mountain Community College and White Dove Montessori Services. Salli is the mom of a Montessori graduate and enjoys playing her flute and reading in her spare time. –Montessori is an education for independence, preparing not just for school, but for life.

At Our House Montessori School scholarships are provided.

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